Season 3

Thanksgiving Grocery Trot

Four chefs get their basters ready for this special Triple G Thanksgiving episode.  First, in Keep it Sample, the chefs are thankful to find delicious autumn staples around the store, which they must incorporate into their inventive fall dishes.  Get ready for a touchdown in Red Light Special as the chefs make game day bites while incorporating frozen cranberry into their savory morsels.  Then, making an upscale Thanksgiving dinner becomes even more of a challenge in 5 Ingredients or Less.  Only one of these chefs will be able to gobble up to $20,000 in the Shopping Spree!


Game One: Keep it Sample – Inventive Fall Dish
Game Two: Red Light Special – Game Day Bites
Game Three: 5 Ingredients or Less – Upscale Thanksgiving Dinner

COMPETITORS: Shawn Shell, Ranada West-Riley, Terry Braggs, Randy Mulder

JUDGES: Catherine McCord, G. Garvin, Aarti Sequiera