Season 2

Ep. 1 Moms Know Best

In this brand new season of Guy’s Grocery Games, we’re kicking it off with the mother of all shows!  Four devoted moms and talented chefs battle it out in a new game called ABC, where they can only cook with ingredients that start with the same letter.  Next, in Budget Battle, three chefs make a brunch for 4 on a whopping budget of $7.08.  Then, Guy throws everyone for a loop in the final game, Cart Swap, as the two remaining chefs prepare a guilty pleasure.  The competitor who makes the most indulgent dish advances to Guy’s Shopping Spree in the hopes of winning $20,000.


Game One: ABC – Best Dish
Game Two: Budget Battle – Brunch for 4
Game Three: Cart Swap – Guilty Pleasure

COMPETITORS: Sherry Schie, Tiffany Gray, Marla Ortega, Deanna Ruppelli

JUDGES: Catherine McCord, Troy Johnson, Melissa d’Arabian