Season 2

In game one, the chefs get inventive by incorporating marshmallows into their hearty lunch in Red Light Special.  Next, the chefs get worked up in a fiesta frenzy as they try and make taco night out of Guy’s Grocery List featuring items like pork rinds and frozen peaches.  Finally, with two chefs remaining, they shop aisle-by-aisle to make a family favorite using One Ingredient Per Aisle.  The chef who makes the best use of every aisle will go on to play for up to $20,000 in the Shopping Spree.


Game One: Red Light Special – Hearty Lunch
Game Two: Grocery List – Taco Night
Game Three: One Ingredient Per Aisle – Family Favorite

COMPETITORS: Mark Estee, Josh Busknick, Anna Harouvis, Felix Barron IV

JUDGES: G. Garvin, Aarti Sequeira, Troy Johnson