Season 2

No one can pass up the free samples in Keep it Sample… because they’re mandatory!  Will these chefs be able to incorporate these out-of-the-box items into their Mediterranean dish?  Next up, it’s lights out as the chef’s dash around the store in Closing Time to make a dessert for the discerning judges.  In the final game, it’s the luck of the spin, as the last two chefs make their best dish in Food Wheel.  During the action packed Shopping Spree, the winning chef can bag up to $20,000!


Game One: Keep It Sample – Mediterranean Dish
Game Two: Closing Time – Dessert
Game Three: Food Wheel – Best Dish

COMPETITORS: William Hyman, Tanya Solomon, Guy Weiner, Erin French

JUDGES: Beau MacMillan, G. Garvin, Melissa d’Arabian