Season 2

Ep. 3 Grocery Grillin’

Triple G adds some heat in a special grilling episode.  Four chefs battle it out over the open flame in game one, Red Light Special.  Who will make the best, grilled pizza when peanut butter is on the menu?  Next, the chefs must dig through Guy’s Clearance Carts filled with mystery meats, unmarked cans and more, to cook up the best dish they can make in 30 minutes.  In the final game, we find out who comes out on top in the game Top Shelf / Bottom Shelf.  One of these chefs won’t be able to handle the heat while the other will go on to a Shopping Spree worth up to $20,000!


Game One: Red Light Special – Grilled Pizza
Game Two: Clearance Carts – Best Dish
Game Three: Top Shelf / Bottom Shelf – On the Bone (Best Dish)

COMPETITORS: Kevin Naderi, Leila Armas, Aaron Deal, Jamie McDonald

JUDGES: Troy Johnson, Richard Blais, Aarti Sequeira