Season 2

Ep. 2 Caught in the Middle

Four chefs must make an international dish using only ingredients from the middle aisles of the store in Meals from the Middle.  Next, the chefs have to make their best seafood dish with 5 Ingredients or Less. Which chef will be able to make the most out of only a few ingredients?  Finally, there are twists around every turn in the game Out of Stock, as the two remaining chefs make their signature hamburger.  The prevailing chef could win up to $20,000 in Guy’s Shopping Spree.


Game One: Meals from the Middle – International Dish
Game Two: 5 Ingredients or Less – Best Seafood Dish
Game Three: Out of Stock – Signature Hamburger

COMPETITORS: Ghzwan Alsharif, Kirsten Helle, Daniella Malfitano, Luke Reyes

JUDGES: Troy Johnson, Melissa d’Arabian, Aida Mollenkamp