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Guy Fieri teams up with Miller Lite to take tailgates to the next level. With Guy’s Miller Lite recipes and grill tips, you’ll have everything you need to throw off the hook tailgates all season long.


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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 19

Kickin’ it in Key West

Season 17

Chicken, Chili & Chowder

Season 22

– FoodTruckAPalooza

Ever notice how some of the best food can be found on four wheels? In this one-hour special, Guy’s pulling up to some of the tastiest food trucks on DDD. From burgers in Key West, Fla., to chilaquiles in California, tacos in Hawaii to fresh catches in Canada, these mobile kitchens are running the gamut

Season 1


Join Guy Fieri as he rolls out to find some classic American grub: finding a secret burger recipe in Tarpley, TX; creating a perfect over-easy egg at a diner in Wichita, KS; and discovering a Mediterranean mecca in the desert between Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA.

Season 4

Brain Freeze

Guy Fieri hits up some ice cream shops that are doing it big and bold: a drive-in serving up original waffle cones in Norfolk, VA; a creamery in Arizona where Italian gelatos are available in all flavors; and a creamery in New Orleans, LA that is churning out ice cream with totally bizarre ingredients and

Season 16

Fully Focused

Season 7

Family Style

Guy Fieri hits the road for some family cooking: dining on old-fashioned raviolis and barbecued chicken at a joint in Providence, RI; mom-inspired classics by a couple of guys from Bosnia at a joint in Houston, TX; and a Cuban joint in Glendale, CA, where they’re making their own classics, from pork to ceviche.

Season 3

Aisle of Terror

Aisle of Terror In this spooktastic Halloween episode, four chefs must create dishes that don’t scare the judges!  Starting off with a hearty lunch is not an easy feat when Guy shocks them with a daunting Red Light Special.  Join the chefs in the Aisle of Terror as Guy tricks them into making a savory

Season 4

– Love is in the Aisle

In Triple G’s Valentine’s Day special, chefs discover that Guy’s gift of chocolate is not the perfect match for their savory starter. Next, will there be enough time or money to shop for and prepare their desserts? Then, our finalists must grab items for a candlelight dinner while repeatedly trading groceries in a crazy game

Season 4

– Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Guy asks the chefs to give P’s a chance, since all the ingredients in their first dishes must start with that letter. Next, they must make a winner of a chicken dinner using a Grocery List that includes Asian hot pepper paste and candy. The finalists cannot believe they have to make their best grilled

Season 6

Guy’s Backyard Steakhouse

Guy brings the steakhouse experience home with this do-it-yourself Dry-Aged Ribeye with spicy Horseradish Gremolata. For dessert, fudgy Conquistador Chocolate Chip Brownies.

Season 1


Guy Fieri rolls to three classic burger joints that are doing America proud by rocking it’s signature dish: Guy finds a restaurant that creates juicy and mouth-watering burgers in West Lafayette, IN; a burger joint that has been serving up classics for over 70 years in Glenview, IL; and a dive that is known for

Season 1

Cart Your Engines


d Miller Lite Brats Cooking Demo


Season 1

Penne with Cajun Links and Chipotle Shrimp

Guy’s whipping up Italian and Mexican inspired dishes. Recipes include: Penne with Hot Links and Chipotle Shrimp and Roma Bruschetta.

Season 23

– Ultimate Turkey Fest

This trip, Guy Fieri’s gobbling up Thanksgiving with an hour of talking turkey. From Boston to California, Wisconsin to Florida, he digs into everything from the traditional dinner to turducken, turkey-shaped bread loaves, and a complete turkey dinner fried into bite-sized balls. Plus, Guy samples some serious sandwiches perfect for all the leftovers. Get a place at

Season 1

Ultimate Recipe Showdown: Pasta

Food Network searched for the Ultimate Pasta Recipe. After a nationwide recipe contest, nine finalists competed in three rounds: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Stuffed Pasta and Lasagna. A panel of food experts determined whose pasta dish was the best. See who walks away the winner of $25,000!

Season 2

Cut the Cheese

The classic dish, mac and cheese, gets a challenging twist in the first game, Aisle Down.  Then, the chicken dinner sheds some pounds in Watch Your Weight.  In the final game, there’s romance in the air, as the chefs must make a romantic meal – until their shopping efforts are thwarted when Guy pulls the

Season 16

Savory Sensations

Season 4

– James Beard Nominees on Triple G

Four James Beard-nominated chefs use their exceptional culinary skills to make an hors d’oeuvre featuring instant ramen noodles. Then, these high-end chefs have to make a five-star seafood dinner with a ridiculously low budget. The finalists learn that creating a dish featuring one ingredient, prepared two different ways, using items from three aisles, is not

Season 2

The Family That Plays Together

A tight-knit family of six steps up for their chance to help pay for their grandfather’s medical bills.