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Guy Fieri teams up with Miller Lite to take tailgates to the next level. With Guy’s Miller Lite recipes and grill tips, you’ll have everything you need to throw off the hook tailgates all season long.


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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 8

Ragin ‘rock’tail Party

Guy’s whips up a some perfect snacks for a night in with the guys and gals. Whether it’s poker night or book club, Guy’s got you covered with dishes like Tex Wasabi’s Ahi Won Tacos and Guy-talian Nachos.

Season 2

The Giada Elimination

The six finalists explore teamwork when they meet season one winners, Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh before being paired into teams themselves for a dish creation and demo. Then it’s on to Giada De Laurentiis who gives them helpful hints on multitasking before they must demo two dishes simultaneously.

Season 11

Quirky Classics

Guy Fieri checks out three joints offering one-of-a-kind meals: a joint in Spokane, WA, where they’re slathering burgers with a delicious remoulade called “Goo”; unique Southern/Jewish fusion at a restaurant in Philadelphia, PA; and a local favorite in Mandeville, LA, puts a Cajun twist on Oysters Rockefeller.

Season 21

– Roadtrippin’ in Beantown

This trip, Guy’s parking the Camaro in Beantown for an all-Boston smorgasbord. Just outside the city in Allston, two restaurants sharing one kitchen cooking up totally different menus; Mexican street food on one side and gastropub standouts, like killer gravlax and dynamite chicken sausage, on the other. Then in South Boston, the authentic Polish restaurant

Season 6

Their Own Way

Guy Fieri hangs out with some chefs who are doing it their own way: beef stew, made from tenderloin, in Flagstaff, AZ; a restaurant in San Diego, CA, that’s oddly enough, in a fish market; and a dive bar in Chicago, IL, that’s serving close to two dozen different burgers which are all named after

Season 2

Real Deal BBQ

Guy Fieri rolls out for some real-deal BBQ: tracking down a killer BBQ shack on the midian of a highway in Los Angeles, CA; a fusion BBQ joint that has two homemade sauces in Chicago, IL; and an out-of-this-world BBQ joint where they are cooking up whole hogs, in Paola, KS.

Season 3

Ace of Bass

You’ve never known Guy to shy away from fried foods, and he’s not stopping with fish. Whole fish, to be exact. Guy’s got a whole fried bass on a bed of jicama slaw, and a spicy ginger-ita chillin’ on ice. Come and get it!

Season 18

Servin’ Up San Francisco

Season 1

Game Day Rush

Season 6

Perfect Pork fo’ Sizzle

Guy’s in the kitchen with a cravin’ for Asian. Juicy marinated pork roast, smothered in a bold ginger-garlic gravy, is served on crackly sizzling rice cakes. Plus Sweet & Sour Cucumbers and Ginger “O” cocktail.

Season 16

Danger Dogs

For Guy Fieri, hot dogs are pure family comfort. A staple at ball parks and family cookouts, Guy likes his with coleslaw and apple pie. And you know he does all three with an outta bounds, Guy-style twist! We’re talking bacon-wrapped Danger Dogs With Grilled Fruit and Spicy Fruit Relish, Creamy Broccoli Fennel Slaw and

Season 16

Far Out

Season 4

Take Out Remix

When you’re craving takeout but are bored with the usual order, it’s time for Guy’s Takeout Remix! You’ll never look at fried noodles and Asian salad the same way again. Hong Kong Noodles, Shrimp Stuffed Peppadews and Electric Melon.

Season 5

Southern Shrimp Soiree

This Southern shrimp feast is not for shrimpy appetites! Feed the masses at your next party with Guy’s shrimp boil, peach cobbler and cool kiwi berry cocktail. It’s finger-lickin’ good, just be sure to supply extra napkins!

Season 1

Cart Wars

Season 7

Guy’s Gridiron Grub

Guy’s cooking up a game day spread with his Diners buddy Gary Zemola. Gary is topping hot dogs with his Green Tomato Chutney, and Guy is roasting giant Turkey Legs in Maple-Bourbon Brine. Cheesy jumbo pretzels topped like everything bagels and bourbon-spiked Tailgate Sweet Tea are two more menu all-stars.

Season 13

Old Faves, New Craves

Guy Fieri rolls out for some old classics and new stunners: a deli in Santa Barbara, CA, that’s servin’ up pastrami dogs; seriously good Caribbean food by a young chef in Charleston, SC; and a sandwich joint in Vancouver, BC, where they’re makin’ everything from scratch.

Season 2

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Donna Coleman and her daughter Talana Deshaies take on a host of challenges – including the new game Human Burrito – in their bid for the million.

Season 17

– Cravin’ Cajun

Guy Fieri always has friends coming and going, and today the crowd is growing in size and appetite! Join Guy at his party for his adventures and misadventures of making party-friendly food with time and energy to spare. On the menu are Cajun BBQ Prawns, Jicama Black Bean Salad and Plantain Pancakes.  

Season 1

Yes, Chefs Can

Season 2

Lakers in the Circle

L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown and Derek Fisher compete for a million dollars for their charities.