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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 4

South of the Border

Garlic and herbs on meat, chorizo in salad, even tequila in dessert — sounds a little crazy! But next time you grill a steak, do as Guy does and look no further than South America for inspiration. Gaucho Steak and Four Herb Chimichurri, Spinach and Chick Pea Sauté and a Tequila Lime Tart.

Season 6

Guy’s Backyard Steakhouse

Guy brings the steakhouse experience home with this do-it-yourself Dry-Aged Ribeye with spicy Horseradish Gremolata. For dessert, fudgy Conquistador Chocolate Chip Brownies.

Portrait shot of Guy and Hunter Fieri standing between rows of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese at the Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano Reggiano in Parma, Italy as seen on Food Network's Guy's European Vacation episode 3.

– Italy and Switzerland

Guy Fieri and his son Hunter’s month-long culinary adventure through Europe continues with a visit to Parma, Italy, where Guy fulfills a longtime dream of witnessing the making of true Parmigiano-Reggiano. Then, they discover the years-long process behind curing and aging prosciutto and taste a regional delicacy: horsemeat sandwiches. Crossing into Switzerland, they make a pit

Season 4

– Chefs Take the High/Low Road

Four chefs compete in a heated battle to make the ultimate hot sandwich incorporating a mishmash of munchies from the market’s sample tables. Next, chefs are less than thrilled about making an international dish with five ingredients or less. Then, the finalists experience their own highs and lows trying to turn high-priced rack of lamb

Season 22

– All Beefed Up

Guy’s hits up memorable spots serving all kinds of beefy favorites.  From burgers to meatballs, steak to BBQ, stuffed inside tacos and hashed up inside sandwiches. What’s for dinner? You know it has gotta be beef.

Season 1

10 contestants square off in Last Man Standing – with one playing for $1 million.

Season 13

Meat Madness

Guy Fieri gets in touch with his carnivorous side: at an amazing joint in Charleston, SC, Guy satisfies his meat cravings with the Duck Club with garlic mayo; Guy rips into authentic Cuban grub like the ropa vieja and arroz con polo, in Queens, NY, and at a bar turned sausage joint in Vancouver, BC,

Season 5

Something from Everywhere

Guy Fieri checks out some joints that are serving up food that was born somewhere else: authentic Venezuelan fast food in Norwalk, CT; outrageous Lebanese dishes from a joint in Minneapolis, MN; and a famous pizzeria in Chicago, IL.

Season 3

Where the Locals Go

Guy Fieri rolls out to some local hot spots: digging into some Southern food from a third generation cafeteria in Tucker, GA; checking out a bar which is ran by a culinary grad, who’s making everything from rabbit to turtle soup in Jefferson, LA; and has to walk through a liquor store in order to

Season 6

Funky Joints

Guy Fieri checks out some funky joints that are cookin’ up a storm: duck l’orange at a café / gas station in Watauga, TX; homemade pasta with elk at a funky café that’s ran by former circus performers in Seattle, WA; and a dive bar in Sacramento, CA, that’s doing prime rib in a smoker.

Season 3

Comfort Food

Four great home cooks give their personal take on comfort food in this URS installation. In the signature round, the contestants have an hour and a half to cook up a feel-good dish. They don’t have the luxury of time in the speed round, where they have to kick it to serve an equally delicious

Season 24

– Knockout Burger Joints

This trip, Guy Fieri is hitting up classic, real-deal burger joints. From California to New Jersey, Minnesota to Oklahoma, it’s all about the all-American favorite. They are piling them up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, stuffing them in Illinois, and serving them with a skirt in Sacramento, California. Plus, there’s a peanut butter burger in Indiana and a

Season 25

– Real-Deal Diners

This trip, Guy Fieri is traveling the country hitting up real-deal diners. From coast to coast and everywhere in-between, these all-American staples are serving up the bomb breakfasts and classic comfort food, with a few surprises mixed into the menu. So, look for the neon signs, grab a seat at the counter and dig in!

Season 2

Kids Try This At Home

A teacher pairs up with a stay-at-home mom to win big money so she can buy a new house. Later, an Arizona native teams up with a family man to win money for her beloved camp.

Season 10

Wings, Dogs and Claws

Guy Fieri rolls out for some serious scratch-made cookin': hitting up a soul food joint in Washington, DC, where they’re cranking out off-the-hook chicken wings smothered in house made buffalo sauce; a live music joint in Kansas City, MO, where the cooks are makin’ bacon-wrapped, beer-battered, deep-fried dogs to die for; and a seafood joint

Season 2

Tangerine Beef

Guy is here to wok your world with a Spicy Tangerine Beef and Barbecue Pork Fried Rice that will have you erasing your local Chinese restaurant’s delivery hotline from your cellphone. Stir-fried Ginger and Flank Steak get the royal treatment with hoisin, chili sauce, and fresh squeezed tangerine juice for a sweet and firey dish

Season 20

– Stuffed and Twisted

Guy is hitting the road and checking out all kinds of funky foods from coast to coast. In Monterey, Calif., a second-generation Italian joint serves mom’s time-tested recipes like meaty lasagna and real deal minestrone. In Boston, a funky little sandwich shop serves paninis to satisfy both meat and veggie lovers. And in Jackson, Wyo.,

Season 2

Like Father, Like Daughter

Wayne and Darcy Kawamto from Tustin, CA team up in a bid to win enough money to put Darcy through dental school.

Season 22

– Summer Spectacular

Fire up the grills and get the party started, Guy Fieri’s bringin’ the heat! In this one-hour special, it is all about summer: From classic burgers and dogs to smoking barbecue and beachy seafood, and don’t forget dessert: Ice cream and apple pie top off this sunny showcase.

Season 8

En Fuego Fiesta

Guy fires up a fiesta with recipes for Cherry Chipotle Short Ribs & a Coyote Quesadilla

Season 21

– Cross-Country Classics

This trip, Guy’s roadtrippin’ all over the country for some home-style cooking. In Boston, the funky neighborhood joint cranking out Southern staples, like chicken and waffles and off-the-hook tots. In Carmel, Calif., Robert Irvine’s riding shotgun to check out the cool cafe centered around scratch-made classics, like amped-up biscuits and gravy and brisket chili. And