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Guy Fieri teams up with Miller Lite to take tailgates to the next level. With Guy’s Miller Lite recipes and grill tips, you’ll have everything you need to throw off the hook tailgates all season long.


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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 5

Cruisin to Vera Cruz

After a trip south of the border, Guy’ shad a hankerin’ for fresh latin flavors. Grab your sunglasses and hop on board for a taste of these bold bites.

Season 2

Grocery Grillin’

Ep. 3 Grocery Grillin’ Triple G adds some heat in a special grilling episode.  Four chefs battle it out over the open flame in game one, Red Light Special.  Who will make the best, grilled pizza when peanut butter is on the menu?  Next, the chefs must dig through Guy’s Clearance Carts filled with mystery



Just when you think you knew everything there is to know about bacon swiss cheeseburgers, Guy is rolling up his sleeves to perform a burger magic trick by turning that time-honored favorite inside out by way of Mexico. Guy’s burger is stuffed with a layer of bacon, onions, and fresh chorizo sandwiched btween two slices

Season 8

– Veterans Holiday Showdown

Four veterans march into Flavortown to represent their military branches: Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy. First, the esteemed veterans make their best family holiday meal with a must-use ingredient. In the next round, they must weigh their culinary options in making their hometown favorite. And in the final round, the veterans must shop for

Season 2

Comfort Food

Four home cooks compete to see who has the greatest comfort food recipe in the country. The winning cook takes home $25,000 and gets their recipe put on the menu at TGI Friday’s nationwide.

Season 10

A Triple D Thanksgiving

Guy Fieri rolls out to three joints that are doing Thanksgiving the right way: a family-run restaurant in Portland, ME, where Thanksgiving means stuffed lobster and stuffed turkey; a Greek joint in Cape May, NJ, where two brothers are cranking out Greek holiday lamb and putting their own unique twist on roast turkey; and a

Season 10

Gone Global

Guy Fieri rolls out for a world of flavor: a South American joint in Falls Church, VA, offering a gnarly Venezuelan sandwich loaded with shredded beef, cheese, and black beans; an Italian restaurant in Nashville, TN, where a husband and wife compete to roll the thinnest fettuccini and then serve it with a homemade vodka

Season 3

Deep Fried Freshen Up

The avocado proves its worth in the main dish, tempura avocado with shrimp. Whole avocado halves are stuffed with plump shrimp and all is tempura fried to a thing of beauty. Don’t forget the perfect compliments: Asian slaw and a zen-tini.

Season 7

Guido Goes Italian

Guy takes favorite Italian flavors and gets mental with lentils! He tops pan roasted salmon with a sauté of lentils, capers, olives, and anchovies, plus he’s got a pizza covered with potatoes, pancetta, and taleggio cheese. A fruity South American cocktail shakes things up.

Season 1

Asian Party Food

Guy pushes the limit with an upside down Asian-inspired party menu. Recipes include: Pulled Pork Egg Rolls, Korean Chicken Wings and a Saigon Sub.

Season 1

Ultimate Recipe Showdown: Cakes

Food Network searched for the Ultimate Cake recipe. After a nationwide recipe contest, nine finalists competed in three rounds: Chocolate Cake, Cupcakes and Birthday Cakes. A panel of food experts determined whose cake was the best. See who walks away the winner of $25,000!

Season 6

It’s Always Finer in Carolina

Guy Fieri and his buddy Wilson roast well-seasoned pork shoulder low and slow for tender Pulled Pork Sandwiches punched up with Wilson’s Award-Winning Eastern Carolina Vinegar Sauce. Uber-cheesey mac ‘n’ cheese & crunchy horseradish-Dijon slaw complete the expert-approved spread.

Season 8

Cookin’ an’ a Campin’

You know this Guy can cook…but he also loves to camp. So for Guy’s outdoor adventures, he’s cooking up a menu complete with his Fa-Guy-ta Chili, Spanish Caeser with Chickpea Croutons, and a terrific Tea Total-ler cocktail to keep the campfire comradery crankin’.

Season 15

Food Done Right


’s Breath Chili


Season 2

If at First You Don’t Succeed… Fry, Fry Again

If at First You Don’t Succeed… Fry, Fry Again In the first game, Watch Your Weight, let’s hope this fried feast doesn’t add on too many pounds to the scale.  Next, the chefs must make a skewered meal out of the haphazard items in the Clearance Carts.  The last two chefs spin the Food Wheel

Season 7


Guy’s cooking helpline is open! He’s curing dinner boredom everywhere with his Asian Street Sandwich, filled with teriyaki-glazed pork, pickled cucumbers, and spicy mayo. Eddie’s Mommy Salad is tongue-tingling side of edamame and diced vegetables in a wasabi vinaigrette. A refreshing Ginger Collins keeps your taste buds entertained.

Season 19

Island Flavor

This trip, Guy’s cruisin’ through Hawaii for an authentic taste of Oahu. In Waipahu, the family-run Filipino joint serving up scratch-made favorites straight outta mama’s cookbook like the lechon special and pork adobo fried rice. In Kailua, the tiny cafe serving up modern twists on Hawaiian classics like red curry fish and the super flavorful

Season 5

– Flavortown Throwdown

The four chefs ready to throwdown in Flavortown must first create a hearty lunch with a five-pound weight restriction. Next, the chefs must make an innovative dinner incorporating Guy Fieri’s crazy grocery list. The two chefs left standing will battle it out with their best dishes featuring high-end and low-end items. Judges: G. Garvin, Beau MacMillan, Aida Mollenkamp

Season 18

– Holiday By The Bay

Guy Fieri is celebrating the holidays with his spin on a local Bay Area specialty, Cioppino. He makes his version with Dungeness crab and a whole host of other seafood, served with Fire-Roasted Tomato and Vegetable Puree and Grilled Pepper and Parmesan Polenta.

Season 3

Boardwalk Wieners

Nothin’ says summer like Guy s Rhode Island-style Hot Wieners. These dogs are smothered in big-flavor beef that s been simmered with onions, chili powder, curry, allspice and paprika.