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Guy Fieri teams up with Miller Lite to take tailgates to the next level. With Guy’s Miller Lite recipes and grill tips, you’ll have everything you need to throw off the hook tailgates all season long.


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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 2

Second Chances

Mark Staniec gets one more chance to win big in the 60-Second Circle!

Season 9

Surf ‘n Turf

Guy hits up some hot spots for great surf n’ turf: a 40-year-old fish shack in Mayport, FL, that’s netting fresh shrimp every day and serving it nine different ways; a surf town eatery in Manhattan Beach, CA, where the homemade food ranges from Italian pasta to Kahlua Pig Egg Rolls; and a western diner


– Grand Finale Fake Out

In the finale episode, eight kid chefs attempt to trick a room full of culinary superstars including Melissa d’Arabian, Eric Greenspan and Richard Blais as well as celebrity guest Jennie Garth, into thinking their food was made by real adult chefs. Afterward, Rachael and Guy will announce the winner of the competition: Everyone walks away

Season 9

Guy Knows Gnocchi

Guy Fieri prepares a stadium-sized spread for gametime fans. His friend Aarti Sequeira lends an extra hand as Guy makes Stuffed Pupusas, filled with black beans, chorizo and cheese; crunchy Curtido Slaw is a traditional and tangy counterpoint. Round two is all about wings, and Ain’t No Thing Butta Chicken Wing does it right with

Season 7


Guy Fieri rolls out to some longtime local favorites: an Italian joint in Cleveland, OH, where a family has been producing amazing Italian food for over 50 years; a 50 year old diner in Buffalo, NY, where they’re smoking their own bacon and ham, and making red-eye gravy from scratch; and a 1911 landmark in

Season 18

Sammies and Stew

Season 5

Let the Good Times Roll

Today’s no-utensils-required menu features crispy, golden-fried chicken egg rolls and refreshing, light shrimp spring rolls. Two dipping sauces plus a ginger-mint lemonade make your dinner a rolling good time!

Season 7

Swine Dining

If you’ve read the tabloids, you know Guy’s a pal of pork. So for this week he’s scaring up a menu featuring Spanish Pork Blade Steaks, Guy’s Spicy Spanish Rice, and a Mango Island Margarita.

Season 6

Go-To Joints

Guy Fieri heads to some go-to joints that the locals love: an adobo steak sandwich at an awesome Puerto Rican joint in San Rafael, CA; a pub in Westport, CT, which is located on a beached barge and dishin’ out some classic American cuisine; and a family-owned deli and meat market which is cranking out


d Miller Lite Brats Cooking Demo


Season 18

Neighborhood Knockouts

Season 17

– Cravin’ Cajun

Guy Fieri always has friends coming and going, and today the crowd is growing in size and appetite! Join Guy at his party for his adventures and misadventures of making party-friendly food with time and energy to spare. On the menu are Cajun BBQ Prawns, Jicama Black Bean Salad and Plantain Pancakes.  

Season 12

From Kraut to Couscous

Guy Fieri rolls out for some international flavor: a German joint in Brighton, CO, where they’re doing homemade kraut and it’s own style of a kraut burger; a Moroccan restaurant in San Antonio, TX, where couscous is a Friday night favorite; and a taco joint that’s bringing California fish tacos to Tampa, FL.

Season 7

Burgers, Tacos and Dogs

Guy Fieri rolls in for some great fast food: a joint that’s pumping out some wild burger toppings in Houston, TX; a café that’s putting a twist on authentic Mexican cuisine in Milwaukee, WI; and a hot dog joint in Reseda, CA, where they’re fryin’ dogs, wrapping them in bacon, and even stuffing them in

Season 1

America’s Heroes

Injured Iraqi War veterans Ed Salau and Andy Butterworth team up in an effort to win the $1 million for their families.

Season 4

Traditional Dishes

Guy Fieri rolls out to some joints that are keeping it traditional: a shack that’s steamin’ up crabs with corn on the cob in Baltimore, MD; sweet potato cobbler and other southern classics at a little joint in Memphis, TN; and authentic, homemade Italian food at a strip mall in White Bear Lake, MN.

Season 9


Guy Fieri rolls out for some international cuisine: digging into some Adobada at an El Salvadoran joint in Los Angeles, CA; discovering oxtail bourguignon at a Basque joint in Reno, NV; and checking out a tapas café in Jacksonville, FL, where their doing Spanish chorizo with honey sautéed pears from scratch.

Season 9

Fieri’s Bumpin’ Dumplins

Guy Fieri takes a trip down memory lane with this menu full of childhood favorites. Marble Mountain Chicken n’ Dumplins were always the highlight of camping trips; a pot of collard greens, rich with a hunk of salt pork, is also easily made on an open fire. Rustic Hoe Cakes, packed with sweet corn kernels


– Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Rachael and Guy invite Chef Robert Irvine into the kitchen to coach and mentor the kids in the Mini Challenge. After working as a team to unscramble a jumbled recipe, each kid chef will execute their dish while Robert coaches them on. Then, in the Main Challenge, the kids take on the oceanic delights in

Season 12

Grillin’ and Smokin’

Guy Fieri hits up some joints that are grillin’ and smokin’ things to perfection: a 60-year-old diner in San Antonio, TX, where they’re putting a Thai twist on Texas BBQ and classic sides; in Denver, CO, a Native American joint is using traditional Osage family recipes with modern flare; and a local joint in St.

Season 1

Host Guy Fieri encourages contestants Matt Marr and Samantha Gomez to step up to the challenges that could make them each $1 million richer.