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Guy Fieri teams up with Miller Lite to take tailgates to the next level. With Guy’s Miller Lite recipes and grill tips, you’ll have everything you need to throw off the hook tailgates all season long.


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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 17

– Guy’s Holiday On The Grill

Guy Fieri is cooking a special holiday meal for his friends and family, with special guest chef G. Garvin. These two are cooking up Grilled Barbecue Short Ribs, creamy cheesy Roasted Red Pepper Polenta and Shaved Kale and Root Vegetable Salad.

Season 13

Family Matters

Guy Fieri uncovers some off-the-hook family run joints: a Chinese joint in Vancouver, BC, where they’re hand-pulling noodles and using age-old family recipes for dishes like beef rolls; a family joint in Virginia Beach, VA, where everyone comes together to crank out coastal classics like BBQ fish tacos; and in Brooklyn, NY, a team of

Season 1

Lunch Cart Showdown

The 5 chefs that remain are challenged to run lunch carts on the streets of New York. The two players with the lowest scores thencompete in a elimination challenge.

Season 7

You Picked ‘Em

Guy Fieri hits up some viewer recommended joints: fried chicken made the same way for over 40 years at a restaurant in Okarche, OK; authentic Mexican food at a joint that makes over 500 handmade tamales every day in Los Angeles, CA; and a deli in Houston, TX, that serves up real corned beef.

Season 2

Tater Tot Halibut

If you know Guy, then you know how much he loves his taters — this time, he’s turning frozen fried taters into a crispy Asian-inspired coating for a juicy halibut filet with chinese flavors in every bite inside and out. Crunchy Sichuan green beans add another exotic touch to this quick and easy, imaginitive meal.

Season 11

Fully Loaded

Guy Fieri hits up a few joints that are bringing serious flavor: a corner restaurant and bar in New Orleans, LA, where they make a local seafood sandwich that’s so large it’s called The Barge; cheese steaks topped 33 different ways at a joint in Carmel, IN; and in Bridgeport, CT, a local hot spot

Season 2

Cuban Pork

While traveling to Cuba may be an impossibility, Guy has seen fit to allow Cuba to come to you with his Mojo Pork — garlic and citrus pork chops, plus creamy mashed potatoes swirled with a garlicky tomato wine sauce that will have you pining for a Havana stogie to wash it all down.

Season 20

– California Cruisin

This trip, Guy’s cruising the west coast for a taste of California. In Culver City, Gene Simmons makes a surprise visit to a neighborhood hangout dishing out real-deal Hawaiian grub. Nearby in Garden Grove, a family-run Mexican joint serves up standout tamales and traditional beef chamorro. And up the coast in Monterey, a funky fish house grills

Season 16

Land to Sea

Season 22

– All Beefed Up

Guy’s hits up memorable spots serving all kinds of beefy favorites.  From burgers to meatballs, steak to BBQ, stuffed inside tacos and hashed up inside sandwiches. What’s for dinner? You know it has gotta be beef.

Season 2

Sibling Rivalry

Two sets of sisters resume their battle in the 60-Second Circle with a million dollar prize on the line.

Season 17

All San Diego, All the Time

Season 15

All Family, All the Time

Season 2

Viewer’s Choice

Guy Fieri takes the suggestions of viewers and checks out some fan favorites: a legendary joint with a rich 60-year-old legacy in South Pasadena, FL; authentic Hawaiian food that has the locals hooked in Everett, WA; and a tiki bar that is serving some amazing fried food and umbrella drinks in Minneapolis, MN.

Season 21

– Pork Hall of Fame

In this one-hour special, Guy is hitting up all-things swine and dine. From Connecticut to California, international favorites to down-home American classics, Guy digs into pork in more tasty ways than can be imagined. Whether pulled or baked, stuffed in a sandwich or piled high on a pie, these off-the-hook pork dishes are sure to

Season 8

By Request

Guy Fieri hits up some viewer requested joints: a fast food joint in Charlotte, NC, where they’re dishing up the local favorite, the “Super Boy”; a neighborhood favorite in Lakewood, OH, that’s known for their many different takes on the classic grilled cheese sandwich; and a British pub in Houston, TX, where shepherd’s pie and

Season 3

Pasta la vista, Baby

Pasta la vista, Baby With pasta out of reach, can these four chefs get creative enough to make a winning dish in Single Aisle Showdown?  Next up, it’s all you can carry as these chefs grab ingredients for their BBQ feast in No Carts Allowed.  And, in the final twist, the two remaining chefs must

Season 5

Fuel the Fieri

Guy’s feulin’ up with his famous beef chili. It’s hearty, laced with smoky heat and perfect eaten over, under or around crispy french cut fries. A Dragon’s Breath Chiller will keep his friends going through the last play of the game!

Season 6

A Burger, A Bowl and a Slice

Guy Fieri rolls out in search of some places that are creating some of America’s favorites: culinary school grads create burgers that are done every which way in Dallas, TX; Italian favorites, including some great pizza, take center stage at a pizza joint in Glendale, AZ; and a chili joint in Seattle, WA, that’s serving

Season 17

– Duck and a DJ

If there is one thing better than good food, it is good food with good music! Guy Fieri teaches his pal DJ Irie how to make Five-Spice Duck Breast, as well as Soba Noodle Salad with Grilled Plums. Then, Irie turns the tables and teaches Guy one of his signature drinks, Pineapple Chili Margarita.

Season 3

Boardwalk Wieners

Nothin’ says summer like Guy s Rhode Island-style Hot Wieners. These dogs are smothered in big-flavor beef that s been simmered with onions, chili powder, curry, allspice and paprika.