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Guy Fieri teams up with Miller Lite to take tailgates to the next level. With Guy’s Miller Lite recipes and grill tips, you’ll have everything you need to throw off the hook tailgates all season long.


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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 3

Like Mama Made

Guy Fieri grabs some traditional cooking with real recipes straight from mama: a local landmark where they’re serving up real deal soul food in St. Louis, MO; authentic Mexican food with fresh, local ingredients at a gas station in Phoenix, AZ; and a truck stop with some real country cookin’ in Olive Hill, KY.

Season 2

Law and Order

A deputy sheriff and a single mom and teacher team up to try for the million.

Season 10

Family Joints

Guy Fieri rolls out for some great family cookin': a cafeteria and deli in Minneapolis, MN, where the family’s original recipe of Eastern European sausage is still being cranked out by the third generation; a soup n’ sandwich joint in Kansas City, MO, where a husband and wife are doing awesome frank steak sandwiches that

Season 4

– Something Spells Good

Chefs find that making your best dish using only ingredients that begin with the letter M is not as easy as ABC. Next, they have to lighten up and make a grilled salad with only six pounds of ingredients. Then, the finalists have to make a signature burger with an ingredient from every aisle. Which

Season 9

Guido’s Tailgate Greats

Guy’s getting ready for the big game with a big spread for the whole gang. Cheesy Beef Pupusas, Wings with Garlic Butter Hot Sauce, and Pizza Dip with Crostini will keep the crazy fans cheering through the final play.

Season 2

Local Flavor

Guy Fieri rolls out in search of some local favorites: an 85-year-old joint that is serving up some killer chili from a secret family recipe in Seattle, WA; a bar-turned-restaurant that’s more than a century old in Pescadero, CA; and a joint that serves absolutely bizarre local favorites in Vinita, OK.

Season 1

Host Guy Fieri encourages contestants Matt Marr and Samantha Gomez to step up to the challenges that could make them each $1 million richer.

Season 21

– Cross-Country Classics

This trip, Guy’s roadtrippin’ all over the country for some home-style cooking. In Boston, the funky neighborhood joint cranking out Southern staples, like chicken and waffles and off-the-hook tots. In Carmel, Calif., Robert Irvine’s riding shotgun to check out the cool cafe centered around scratch-made classics, like amped-up biscuits and gravy and brisket chili. And

Season 9

Grilled, Smoked And Sauced

Guy Fieri rolls out to three joints that are grilling, smoking, and saucing things the right way: a converted gas station in Charlotte, NC, that’s grilling up maple-glazed pork chops and many more American classics; a burger joint in Cincinnati, OH, where homemade toppings like burgundy mushrooms and a mango curry sauce are served up

Season 5

Regional Classics

Guy Fieri rolls out to sample what the locals are digging: a family joint in New Orleans, LA, where the specials are named after it’s local neighborhood streets; a diner that’s producing Polish Haluski out of their strip mall location in Pittsburgh, PA; and a café that’s servin’ authentic Southwestern food in Albuquerque, NM.

Season 7

Playing with Food

Guy’s whips up a kid-friendly feast with pal Sunny Anderson. Bo Peep Pie features chunky beef stew under a blanket of asiago mashed potatoes. My Brother Brussels is a bacon, cranberry, and brussels sprouts side sure to please kids of all ages. Sunny’s Thick O.G. Snap Shake is a creamy orange-ginger treat everyone can enjoy.

Season 21

– Hometown Heroes

Home is where the heart is, and in this one-hour special, it is also the spot for outrageously awesome food. Guy is diving deep into beloved neighborhoods across the country, checking out some all-time favorite local spots. These are the landmarks that have stood the test of time, from classic burgers and dogs to seafood

Season 5

Long Time Legends

Guy Fieri visits some local joints that are truly adored by their communities: a legendary landmark that’s been serving outrageous fresh-carved hot meat sandwiches for over 60 years in San Francisco, CA; an 80-year-old fish market that used to be a tavern in Omaha, NE; and a family joint that’s crankin’ out Italian American classics

Season 17

A Festival of Flavor

Season 10

Wings, Dogs and Claws

Guy Fieri rolls out for some serious scratch-made cookin': hitting up a soul food joint in Washington, DC, where they’re cranking out off-the-hook chicken wings smothered in house made buffalo sauce; a live music joint in Kansas City, MO, where the cooks are makin’ bacon-wrapped, beer-battered, deep-fried dogs to die for; and a seafood joint

Season 19

Big Time Bites

This trip, Guy rolls up to some joints that pull out all the stops. In New York’s East Village, a neighborhood spot plates up a standout burger worthy of a four-star review. In Eureka, Calif., a popular hangout serves up all kinds of local favorites. Finally, in Ridgewood, N.Y., a rocking Vietnamese joint in an

Season 9

Guy’s Goal Line Grub

Guy Fieri passes on some winning recipes that are perfect for the big game, or just a big appetitie. The menu kicks off with Deep Dip Pepperoni Pizza, a bubbling dish layered with your favorite pizza flavors, served hot with pizza dough breadsticks for dipping. When hunger levels soar, sink your teeth into Drumsticks en

Season 9

On-Point Pepper Pork Party

Guy Fieri cooks another on-point meal, this time featuring thick-cut country ribs braised in a red bell pepper sauce until outta-this-world tender. Alongside, Anchovy Bucatini and Pepper Peach Collins drive those sweet red bell flavors home. Red Pepper Pork, Anchovy Bucatini, Pepper Peach Collins.

Season 2

Alton Brown TV101

Alton Brown gives the contestants a chalk talk about how to pitch a television show concept to network executives.

Season 5

Something from Everywhere

Guy Fieri checks out some joints that are serving up food that was born somewhere else: authentic Venezuelan fast food in Norwalk, CT; outrageous Lebanese dishes from a joint in Minneapolis, MN; and a famous pizzeria in Chicago, IL.

Season 7

Family Style

Guy Fieri hits the road for some family cooking: dining on old-fashioned raviolis and barbecued chicken at a joint in Providence, RI; mom-inspired classics by a couple of guys from Bosnia at a joint in Houston, TX; and a Cuban joint in Glendale, CA, where they’re making their own classics, from pork to ceviche.