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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 16

– Meatball Sliders, Triple Threat

Forget finger sandwiches, Guy Fieri knows that the way to impress at a summer party is meatball sliders — and lots of them! Guy dishes up three variations on this party favorite, including Italian Meatball Sliders with Red Sauce, Asian Chicken Meatballs with Pickled Carrot and Daikon and Greek Lamb Meatball Sliders with Tzatziki.

Season 1

Ultimate Recipe Showdown: Comfort Foods

Food Network searched for the Ultimate Comfort Food recipe. After a nationwide recipe contest, nine finalists competed in three rounds: Chili, Mac and Cheese and Sandwiches. A panel of food experts determined whose comfort food dish was the best. See who walks away the winner of $25,000!

Season 6

All Over the Map

Guy Fieri checks out three joints that are cranking out international cuisine with huge flavor: a joint in Phoenix, AZ, where five sisters are dishin’ out authentic Mexican tacos; a Greek restaurant and deli that’s serving classic leg of lamb in Seattle, WA; and a legendary Italian joint that’s making Grandpa’s Bolognese and Clams in

Season 7

Blast From the Past

Guy Fieri hits up some old school joints: a rockin’ 1940s diner in Los Angeles, CA; and an awesome steak house in Oklahoma City, OK, where the same great dishes have been served for over 80 years.

Season 17

– Cravin’ Cajun

Guy Fieri always has friends coming and going, and today the crowd is growing in size and appetite! Join Guy at his party for his adventures and misadventures of making party-friendly food with time and energy to spare. On the menu are Cajun BBQ Prawns, Jicama Black Bean Salad and Plantain Pancakes.  

Season 1

10 contestants square off in Last Man Standing – with one playing for $1 million.

Season 16

Matches Made in Heaven

Season 6

Their Own Way

Guy Fieri hangs out with some chefs who are doing it their own way: beef stew, made from tenderloin, in Flagstaff, AZ; a restaurant in San Diego, CA, that’s oddly enough, in a fish market; and a dive bar in Chicago, IL, that’s serving close to two dozen different burgers which are all named after

Season 22

– Arizona All Stars

This trip, Guy heads to the southwest for a flavor-filled tour of Scottsdale, Arizona. First, he visits a real deal Italian market making an authentic beef specialty straight from the mother country. Then, Guy makes a pit stop at a funky gas station and barbecue cafe dishing out delicious brisket alongside a host of handcrafted

Season 9

You Called It

Guy Fieri hits up some viewer recommended joints throughout the country: an old diner in Frankfort, KY, where a high-end chef is making French bread from scratch; a burger joint in Cloquet, MN, where a Double Cheeseburger hasn’t changed for over 50 years; and a local coffee shop in Fountain Valley, CA, that’s ran by

Season 4

Traditional Dishes

Guy Fieri rolls out to some joints that are keeping it traditional: a shack that’s steamin’ up crabs with corn on the cob in Baltimore, MD; sweet potato cobbler and other southern classics at a little joint in Memphis, TN; and authentic, homemade Italian food at a strip mall in White Bear Lake, MN.

Season 1

Friends and Family Favorites

The four remaining contestants must cook for Rachel and Guy’s closest friends and family.

Season 7


Guy’s cooking helpline is open! He’s curing dinner boredom everywhere with his Asian Street Sandwich, filled with teriyaki-glazed pork, pickled cucumbers, and spicy mayo. Eddie’s Mommy Salad is tongue-tingling side of edamame and diced vegetables in a wasabi vinaigrette. A refreshing Ginger Collins keeps your taste buds entertained.

Season 8

Twists And Traditions

Guy Fieri goes for some old school classics with a twist: a 42-year-old restaurant in Chaffee, NY, where they’re serving up some old school American classics from scratch; a restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA, that’s been serving homemade Italian food and fresh calamari for over 30 years; and a modern Mexican joint that’s cranking out

Season 21

– Seriously Saucy

This trip, Guy’s toppin’ off some righteous dishes with all kinds of sauce. In Cincinnati, the funky cafe putting their creative spin on barbecue chicken and vegan chili. In Boston, the neighborhood spot spicing up everything from lemongrass chicken to sloppy Joe’s with some killer specialty sauces. And in Jackson, Wyo., the century-old log cabin

Season 4

– Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Guy asks the chefs to give P’s a chance, since all the ingredients in their first dishes must start with that letter. Next, they must make a winner of a chicken dinner using a Grocery List that includes Asian hot pepper paste and candy. The finalists cannot believe they have to make their best grilled

Season 5

Places You Sent Me

Guy Fieri rolls out to some viewer recommended hot spots: a 79-year-old diner that’s dishin’ out mile high biscuits and gravy in Salt Lake City, UT; a “dive” that’s servin’ some gnarly roast beef po’ boys in New Orleans, LA; and a historic diner that’s producing some unexpected favorites in Middletown, CT.

Season 4

Take Out Remix

When you’re craving takeout but are bored with the usual order, it’s time for Guy’s Takeout Remix! You’ll never look at fried noodles and Asian salad the same way again. Hong Kong Noodles, Shrimp Stuffed Peppadews and Electric Melon.

Season 11

Signature Sandwiches

Guy Fieri hits the road for some awesome sandwiches: a restaurant in Denver, CO, where regional favorites keep the locals pouring in; a joint in Slidell, LA, where they’re putting a spin on the classic southern Po’ Boy; and in Indianapolis, IN, a café is doing an original pork and kale sandwich called D’Nai.

Season 1

Diners A-Plenty

Guy Fieri rolls out to some of the best diners in America: learning the secrets to creating a New England lobster roll in Somerville, MA; oven roasting some killer Philly cheese steaks in Linden, NJ; and finding out why one joint calls their specialty the “A-Plenty” in Spartanburg, SC.

Season 2

Jambalaya Sandwich

In Guy’s world, every day is Mardi Gras and man can’t live on po-boys and muffaletta sandwiches alone. You might know Jambalaya as a rich stew made with andouille sausage, veggies, and chicken, but to Guy it’s the perfect base for a genius sandwich. Recipes: Jambalaya Sandwich, Championship Potatoes and Just What the Doctor Ordered.