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Guy Fieri teams up with Miller Lite to take tailgates to the next level. With Guy’s Miller Lite recipes and grill tips, you’ll have everything you need to throw off the hook tailgates all season long.


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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 8

A Midsummer Night’s BBQ Dream

Guy’s got dreams to remember, and since they’re always about food, this one’s a Midsummer Night’s BBQ Dream he’s made reality with a menu that’s easy, and eclectic. Blackberry Jalapeno Glazed Pork Tenderloin, Summer Veggie Kabobs, and an Easy to Gobble Cobbler make up the perfect summer sit-down.

Season 7

Dives Worth a Drive

Guy Fieri rolls out to some killer dives that are worth the drive: a joint in Wadsworth, IL, where they’re serving up classic burgers, steaks, and pasta dishes; an old nightclub in Cleveland, OH, where they’re fresh smokin’ salmon and putting it in a BLT; and cheeseburger soup at a local favorite in East Amherst,

Season 7

En Fuego Fieri

Guy fires up the romance with a spicy meal inspired by his Mexican vacations. Tender halibut in a pumpkin seed crust heats things up with a Cilantro Serrano Cream sauce. On the side, Guy’s mashed potatoes are creamy, cheesy, and studded with roasted peppers. Dessert keeps the flames alive with chile-dusted Chocolate Quesadillas.

Season 8

Guy’s Night In

Guy’s bustin out the board for Game Night and bringing some bangin food to boot. Like Weird Spaghetti that tastes anything but weird, an Asiago Pesto Bread that cheesy n’ easy, and finally a Layered Salad with 10,000 Island dressing that’s ten times better than the original.

Season 10

Gone Global

Guy Fieri rolls out for a world of flavor: a South American joint in Falls Church, VA, offering a gnarly Venezuelan sandwich loaded with shredded beef, cheese, and black beans; an Italian restaurant in Nashville, TN, where a husband and wife compete to roll the thinnest fettuccini and then serve it with a homemade vodka

Season 2

Weight for it!

In Watch Your Weight, the chefs must scale the aisles to rein in their pounds before the big weigh-in.  Who can tighten their belt enough to make the best burger?  Making a meal and two sides sounds easy until the chefs learn they’re playing the chilling game, Frozen Food Feud.  With only two chefs remaining,

Season 24

– Cruisin’ in Cuba

This trip, Guy Fieri is on an international journey cruising the food scene in Cuba. First, he pays homage to Cuba’s most famous chef, cooking up his trademark coffee lobster and a regional pork plate. Then, he visits a Soviet spot serving authentic Russian ravioli and rich chicken Kiev. Then, he stops at an outdoor “paladar” grilling

Season 7

Burgers, Tacos and Dogs

Guy Fieri rolls in for some great fast food: a joint that’s pumping out some wild burger toppings in Houston, TX; a café that’s putting a twist on authentic Mexican cuisine in Milwaukee, WI; and a hot dog joint in Reseda, CA, where they’re fryin’ dogs, wrapping them in bacon, and even stuffing them in

Season 14

Big Time Flavor

Season 9

Surf ‘n Turf

Guy hits up some hot spots for great surf n’ turf: a 40-year-old fish shack in Mayport, FL, that’s netting fresh shrimp every day and serving it nine different ways; a surf town eatery in Manhattan Beach, CA, where the homemade food ranges from Italian pasta to Kahlua Pig Egg Rolls; and a western diner

Season 2

Mojito Chicken

Guy figured that if pork chops are deserving of bourbon sauce, then surely the time has come for chicken to get a mojito! Guy’s mojito-marinated chicken is a playful recipe that combines the ingredients of a classic mojito — mint, rum, lime and sugar — into an irresistible glaze for a juicy bird that will

Season 5

Nomadic Noshes

Guy must have been playing nice lately, cause a schawarma recipe this tasty, this easy, doesn’t happen to just anyone. Make it tonight, and pass the good karma along!

Season 18

– Cocoa Loco

When it comes to chocolate, Guy Fieri takes his savory, not sweet, so for Valentine’s Day, he whips up Grilled Chicken with Mole Negro, where the chocolate is in the sauce! On the side, he makes Hominy with Pomegranate and Cilantro, with a surprise ingredient in the vinaigrette!


’s Breath Chili


Season 24

– Knockout Burger Joints

This trip, Guy Fieri is hitting up classic, real-deal burger joints. From California to New Jersey, Minnesota to Oklahoma, it’s all about the all-American favorite. They are piling them up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, stuffing them in Illinois, and serving them with a skirt in Sacramento, California. Plus, there’s a peanut butter burger in Indiana and a

Guy and Hunter on bikes in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris, France as seen on Food Network's Guy's European Vacation episode 4.

– Germany and France

Guy Fieri and his son Hunter’s month-long culinary adventure through Europe continues in Germany, where they learn to make authentic pretzels and Hunter shows some style in old-fashioned lederhosen. Then, moving on to France, the guys learn the surprising and intricate tradition behind making true French croissants in Paris and cook up a Mexican feast while

Season 2

– Thanksgiving Madness

In this special Thanksgiving edition, your favorite Food Network stars and celebrities confess theirGuilty Pleasures! Guy Fieri gets down with a turkey waffle, while Amanda Freitag raves about a deliciously decadent cake, and actor Joey Lawrence obsesses over a gravy-covered concoction. Plus, Aarón Sánchez dishes about an outrageous three-bird feast!

Season 16

– Italian Our Way

Guy and celebrated chef Jonathan Waxman are together again, sharing industry stories, cooking tips and delicious recipes.  They prepare effortless but impressive recipes including Guy’s Spicy Clams with White Wine and Italian Sausage Pasta, and Chef Waxman’s California Caponata. With such simple, delicious recipes, the two even have time to whip up a loaf of crusty Sourdough Garlic Bread!

Season 1

Surf’s Up

Season 19

Guys Hometown Tour

On this special, hour-long trip, Guy takes viewers on a tour of Ferndale, Calif., which is not only his hometown, but one of many small towns in Humboldt County with delicious food and a lot of flair. On the trip, there is a generations-old apple orchard with a special place in Guy’s heart, a local’s

Season 17

– Fieri Family Meal

Guy Fieri is out to prove that budget meals don’t need to be bland with a wallet-friendly but flavor-packed meal worthy of company. Chicken Thigh and Fennel Sausage Cacciatore, served with Barley and Mushroom Risotto, is sure to satisfy the hungriest eaters. For dessert, Struffoli With Orange Honey and Pine Nuts are easy, impressive and