From Pork to Tofu

Guy Fieri rolls out for some pork and tofu: a pub in Sacramento, CA, where the chef’s doing a pork sausage pizza with no cheese or sauce; a Mexican-Salvadoran joint in Washington, DC, where their Salvadoran papusa is a huge hit with the locals; and at a local joint in Philadelphia, PA, they’re making a

Season 11, Episode 1


TV & Video

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Season 1

Sisters Got Game

Sisters Taneshia and Shalaye Camillo reach down deep to take their best shot at the million dollar prize.

Season 2

A Family Affair

A brother and sister from New York City push themselves to the limit in hopes of a holiday miracle.

Season 3

Baltimore Bad Boy Beef

When Guy makes a sandwich, he makes a full meal commitment.When Guy makes a sandwich, he makes a full meal commitment. His Baltimore Bay Boy Beef Sandwich is four pounds of marinated top round meat, sliced and piled on rye. Plus Four-Bean Relish and Guy s Long Beach Coleslaw.

Season 2

Fish Tacos

If it were up to Guy, California’s state symbol would be fish tacos! Tequila and lime marinated tempura-style cod is piled high alongside thinly sliced cabbage, pico de gallo, and tequila lime aioli. It’s a Left Coast thang, and Guy is riding that wave all the way into your kitchen.

Season 5

A Passage to India

In Guy’s second Indian-inspired feast, he’s cooking up a rich Butter Chicken over seasoned basmati rice, with a creamy spiked drink to wash it all down. A Guyded tour for the adventurous and tame of palate!

Season 2

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Veronica Castro continues her million-dollar quest, and a new game starts up as Los Angelinos Rashad Riley and Maya James team up on tough challenges.



Guy Fieri rolls north to south for pork done every way: signature Jimtown Chicken Sopa and an outrageous pulled pork sandwich on a homemade roll in the heart of the wine country, Healdsburg, CA; a pizzeria in San Antonio, TX, where pies are topped with everything from prosciutto to sausage; and a joint in Denver,

Season 1

Host Guy Fieri encourages contestants Matt Marr and Samantha Gomez to step up to the challenges that could make them each $1 million richer.

Season 2

Sangria Shrimp

Guy knows that the best thing about sangria is the succulent fruit in the bottom of the glass, so why not apply the “sangria treatment” to juicy shrimp? Guy’s Sangria-Glazed Shrimp will have you toasting to his festive ingenuity! Recipes: Sangria-Glazed Shrimp, Garlic & Onion Tortilla Cake and Shark Attack.

Season 9


Guy Fieri rolls out for some international cuisine: digging into some Adobada at an El Salvadoran joint in Los Angeles, CA; discovering oxtail bourguignon at a Basque joint in Reno, NV; and checking out a tapas café in Jacksonville, FL, where their doing Spanish chorizo with honey sautéed pears from scratch.

Season 7

Burgers, Tacos and Dogs

Guy Fieri rolls in for some great fast food: a joint that’s pumping out some wild burger toppings in Houston, TX; a café that’s putting a twist on authentic Mexican cuisine in Milwaukee, WI; and a hot dog joint in Reseda, CA, where they’re fryin’ dogs, wrapping them in bacon, and even stuffing them in

Season 1

Girls of Summer

University of Arizona sorority sisters Juliana Campbell and Haley Caldwell bring their best summer games to the stage in a bid for the million.

Season 8

Guy’s Disney Holiday

In this one hour special, Guy Fieri hits up the family-oriented holiday destination that everyone loves, Disneyland. Guy focuses on the park’s holiday themed meals and treats. Alongside various members of his family, Guy will highlight a variety of different holiday foods, including baked goods, candy, and Christmas Eve dinner.

Season 8

Turn this Turkey Out

When Guy’s dad comes over for dinner, Guy likes to serve simple favorites with a Big Bite twist. His Mean Green Turkey Machine is juicy and literally packed with flavor, while Confetti Mashed Potato Flautas are crunchy, creamy, cheesy flavor bombs sure to satisfy any Papa Bear-size appetite.

Season 7

Guy’s Big Game

It’s total Tailgate Time on Big Bite for the Big Game. Tender turkey patties on rye with gruyere and mushrooms, along with a cheddar-topped potato salad, will satisfy hungry fans and linebackers alike. To toast your team’s win, a grape mojito inspired by Guy’s hometown.

Season 6

Guy’s Got Serious Chops

Guy doesn’t mess around when it comes to his chops: today he’s got a whole bone-in pork rack smothered in two kinds of mustard, rolled in bread crumbs, and roasted to juicy perfection. This centerpiece deserves two sides: a cool, crisp Green Bean, Walnut and Feta salad and a steaming pot of Adams Apple Mashed

Season 6

Perfect Pork fo’ Sizzle

Guy’s in the kitchen with a cravin’ for Asian. Juicy marinated pork roast, smothered in a bold ginger-garlic gravy, is served on crackly sizzling rice cakes. Plus Sweet & Sour Cucumbers and Ginger “O” cocktail.

Season 3

Something Different

Guy Fieri finds some joints that are cookin’ up some great, unique food: like a joint that is serving up some amazing deep fried hot dogs in Lesage, WV; a unique bar that’s doing classic French escargot and fresh mahi mahi sandwiches in Miami, FL; and a café in Richmond, VA, which has a classically

Season 8

Burgers, Steaks and Chops

Guy Fieri hits up some joints that are grilling up a storm: in San Francisco, CA; a phenomenal dive bar that’s cranking out high end dishes; a burger joint in Cambridge, MA, that’s serving classic burgers with all the trimmings; and a restaurant in Kemah, TX, where house-cut steaks are being grilled to perfection.

Season 3

Party Foods

From finger food to full on entrees, four amateur and adventurous cooks bring party food to the Showdown. In the signature round, the cooks have an hour and a half to impress the judges with their original party food recipe. In the speed round, the cooks only have thirty minutes to serve up a second

Season 4

South of the Border

Garlic and herbs on meat, chorizo in salad, even tequila in dessert — sounds a little crazy! But next time you grill a steak, do as Guy does and look no further than South America for inspiration. Gaucho Steak and Four Herb Chimichurri, Spinach and Chick Pea Sauté and a Tequila Lime Tart.