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Guy Fieri teams up with Miller Lite to take tailgates to the next level. With Guy’s Miller Lite recipes and grill tips, you’ll have everything you need to throw off the hook tailgates all season long.


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Want a taste of the TV world of Guy Fieri? Then just surf around this page for a sampler plate of fun. You'll find some of the best nuggets and even some behind the scenes snapshots.

Season 7

Guy Lightens Up

Guy eases up on the calories but keeps a heavy hand with the flavor. Shrimp and bell peppers in ginger-soy sauce rest on a hollowed pineapple boat with a tropical fruit salsa. Coconut Cilantro Rice with Peas and Cashews is a light side that really satisfies. Chai Pearl Tea brings the popular tapioca drink home.

Season 2

– Coast to Coast Indulgences

Food Network stars and celebrities are coming clean about their Guilty Pleasures! On the West Coast, Alfonso Ribeiro dishes about a sweet and salty bacon brownie and Gail Simmons loves to order an all-American apple pie with bacon. Meanwhile, on the East Coast, Madison Cowan reveals his favorite fish and chips and Guy Fieri tackles a monster sub! Plus, find out exactly what Amanda Freitag’s“Squawking

Season 1

It’s Egg-cellent

Season 2

If at First You Don’t Succeed… Fry, Fry Again

If at First You Don’t Succeed… Fry, Fry Again In the first game, Watch Your Weight, let’s hope this fried feast doesn’t add on too many pounds to the scale.  Next, the chefs must make a skewered meal out of the haphazard items in the Clearance Carts.  The last two chefs spin the Food Wheel

Season 18

– Best Turkey Ever!

You’ve seen roasted turkey, fried turkey and grilled turkey — now it’s time for the best turkey! Guy Fieri is sharing his new recipe for the most tender, flavorful turkey you’ve ever tasted, with help from his chef friends G. Garvin, Beau MacMillan and Aaron May, as well as his son Ryder! Plus, dynamite sides of

Season 18

Cannoli, Fritters & Wings


ng Corn Tip


Season 5

– Triple G Redemption

Four chefs return to Flavortown for a second chance at the $20,000 Shopping Spree, but host Guy Fieridoes not make this trip any easier, as the four chefs make a redemption dinner using the ingredients that tripped them up when they first competed. Next, the contestants are tasked with creating an unforgettable high-end lunch using less

Season 3

Dashing Thru the Aisles

Dashing Thru the Aisles For the first game, the chefs are given tasty samples from Santa’s little helpers to make their favorite holiday meal in Keep it Sample.  Next, it’s a time to loosen those belts, as the chefs create decadent holiday desserts in Watch Your Weight.  The spirit of the season is in full

Season 4

Better Than Ever

Guy Fieri hits up some longtime local favorites: a legendary joint that is renown for their soft shell crab sandwiches in Daphne, AL; a historic 1902 Italian joint in Omaha, NE; and one of the oldest joints in Atlanta, GA, where they are cookin’ up traditional southern food.

Season 5

Just Like Yesterday

Guy Fieri hits up some joints that have been around for what feels like forever: an overgrown coffee shop that’s been dishin’ out local favorites for over 60 years in San Diego, CA; a bar-turned-restaurant in the Little Italy district of Chicago, IL; and a 50-year-old diner that’s renown for their legendary Southern breakfasts in

Season 19

International Family Style

Guy takes his place at the family table visiting a sibling-run Vietnamese joint serves up mom’s legendary recipes for authentic dishes like pho and bahn mi in Holladay, Utah. In Kailua, Hawaii, brothers dedicate their lives to fulfilling dad’s lifelong dream of having his own restaurant, and crank out island favorites like Hawaiian-style kalbi ribs

Season 2

Burgers, Rings and Fries

Guy Fieri hits up some joints that are rockin’ some of the best burgers, rings, and fries in the country: Guy hits up a cable car restaurant for some classic burgers that are made every day from fresh-ground streak in San Francisco, CA; stuffed burgers and vinegar-blanched hand-cut fries highlight an awesome joint in St.

Season 18

– Pork Chops ‘n’ Chile Sauce

Guy Fieri mixes things up – he has an Italian pizza chef, Luigi Agostini, helping him cook up some Mexican-inspired food in Northern California! On the menu are Mexican Chile Pork Chops, served on a Grilled Green Chile Sauce and topped with Pico de Gallo. For a side, Guy puts a Mexican spin on slaw with his Chayote Slaw with Cumin and

Season 23

– Beef It Up

This trip, Guy dives into menus boasting delicious beef dishes. In Minneapolis, a neighborhood gastropub serves up serious sandwiches piled with steak and braised beef. In Atlanta, a Jewish deli puts out a fish specialty alongside killer pastrami hash. In Plymouth, Massachusetts, a funky cafe dishes out unique cheesesteak pretzels and a twist on traditional

Season 10

Wings ‘n Things

Guy Fieri hits up some off-the-hook chicken joints: making tossed wings with scratch made adobo sauce at a Mexican joint in Belmar, NJ; digging into roasted garlic chicken pizza at a sports bar in Coeur d’Alene, ID, where they’re using a traditional Sicilian family recipe to scratch make their pizza crust; and checking out a

Season 4

– Don’t Skimp on the Shrimp

Four chefs must make their signature dish using an insignificant four and a half pounds of ingredients. Next, can the chefs butter up the judges with a fantastic weeknight family dinner featuring jumbo butterfly shrimp? Then, the finalists must make an upscale lunch that uses up an ingredient from every aisle. The winner will go

Season 13

Coast to Coast Classics

Guy Fieri goes coast to coast for some classic food: Guy invents a new half pound burger for the menu, at a joint in Tampa Bay, FL, where they’re serving up chili and burgers out of a roadside shack; and an old-school nostalgic joint in Vancouver, BC, where they’re roastin’ beef and serving it up


o Chicken Nachos


Portrait shot of Guy and Hunter Fieri in Athens, Greece in front of the Acropolis as seen in Food Network's Guy's European Vacation episode 1.


Guy Fieri and his son Hunter’s month-long culinary journey through Europe kicks off in Athens, Greece, where they learn the secrets to making the perfect gyro and check out an old-school barbecue rotisserie restaurant. Next, Guy and Hunter travel to Crete, Greece’s largest island, and the duo experience lobster fishing on the Mediterranean, sheep milking in

Season 6

Their Own Way

Guy Fieri hangs out with some chefs who are doing it their own way: beef stew, made from tenderloin, in Flagstaff, AZ; a restaurant in San Diego, CA, that’s oddly enough, in a fish market; and a dive bar in Chicago, IL, that’s serving close to two dozen different burgers which are all named after