Ep. 06 Fab Crab

Guy Fieri loves seafood especially crab. Today he packs as much of the crustacean’s sweet meat as possible into his tender Crab Burgers topped with creamy, mustard-spiced Celery Root Remoulade. Alongside, Ragin Cajun Onion Rings and a peachy Georgia’s Delight cocktail.

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Ep. 06 Who’Da Thunk It?

Guy Fieri checks out some unexpected joints that the locals are diggin': a 50-year-old drive-in that’s serving prime rib, in Boise, ID; a pizzeria that’s putting green chilis on top of pizzas, in Santa Fe, NM; and a Jamaican joint in Arlington, TX, where they’re dishin’ out some classic island dishes like the Rasta Pasta

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